How To Generate Endless Traffic, Leads, and Sales Online

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Are you an entrepreneur or marketer online and need help getting more traffic to your website, product, or offer?

Most marketers and entrepreneurs fail to make money online because they do not know how to get quality targeted traffic to their websites.

So, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. HubSpot surveyed several companies that sell different products in different niches and found that they all had one thing in common. When asked about their biggest marketing challenge, 63% of the companies answered traffic and lead generation. It can be challenging to make sales if we do not know how to drive traffic.

But we have a problem when it comes to traffic generation. Most people or gurus are teaching or regurgitating the same old platform-dependent strategies for traffic generation. Getting traffic from social media sites is still possible, but it is hard now. If you are unaware of what has happened with the Facebook advertising platform over the past two years, let me fill you in. At some point, Facebook's growth slowed down. According to Business Insider, active Facebook growth went into reverse for the first time, and the worst is yet to come.

The average time each Facebook user spends on the platform has dropped by 24%. Due to the decreasing number of users that see ads on Facebook, the price of an ad is increasing.

Facebook ad revenue over the last 24 months is up by 42% despite declining attention. That is crazy because now you must pay more money to acquire a customer. We must adjust if we want to stay in business.

All the big gurus out there said that Instagram was the next thing.

Well, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, Instagram's organic reach is finished.

The social media landscape is constantly changing. It was MySpace and Facebook in the past, but now it is all about LinkedIn. You see the pattern here. Platform dependence is a real risk.

People are like sheep. They are all trying to find and catch the next trend, but that is a big problem because it does not work.

Now it is not all bad news. Here is the good news!

While most old-model businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling, those who implement the new model I am about to share with you are experiencing record highs in traffic, leads and sales. So, the old business model is platform dependency, but the new model is data aggregation. It is where we get traffic, manage, and multiply traffic, just like Google.

Why is it that the more data Google and Facebook have, the more money they are worth? When I think of all the digital companies and their valuations, I can not see them as anything but data aggregators. If consumers are becoming more comfortable sharing their data online, there would be room for these companies to continue to grow.

So, How do we apply that approach in our business and marketing? And most important, how do we do this? How can you do the same things as Facebook and Google do?

So, the big question is how?  

Let me tell you. Many people are drawn to Amazon because the company has tested and refined an economic engine that uses growth and scale to provide a better customer experience. Here is what we have been doing: We have been perfecting a data aggregation model like Amazon regarding traffic.

Here it is:

You can have and follow it in your business if you like, but this is magic. I have always wanted to do something like this with a business model, and I am excited to share it.

Let me show you what happened:

So, I did a secret experiment testing this month.  

I started a brand-new campaign and ran an experiment doing the opposite of what everybody else was doing in the industry. So instead of relying on any platform, I followed the new data aggregation model 100%.

Here is an example of the results achieved using this method. We generated over 17 and a half million unique visitors to our campaign, over 3.7 million leads, and 12,127 paid customers to our products and generated over $12 million in revenue.

But at the same time, if you are just getting started, maybe you are promoting another product and wonder how it is even possible. But our average cost per visitor is just $0.07. We did not go to Facebook and say: OK, Facebook, you give us visitors for seven cents each, and we will pay you seven cents.

So how do we get visitors for such a low cost? It all comes down to how we optimize our traffic sources using the new data aggregation model. It is like taking a dollar, putting it in a vending machine or a magic money machine, and it spits back $10 for every dollar we put in.

And this is what our model Mass Traffic Blueprint does. It is the formula for generating endless traffic, leads, and sales online.

Now my question is, Would you like to get your hands on Mass Traffic Blueprint?

I will walk you through and show you exactly how you can implement this in your business and how to get traffic to any website, product, or offer. And flat out dominate.

Here is what you will learn from the new model Mass Traffic Blueprint:

-The Top 3 Secrets on how to become a Marketing Machine. 

-Step by step on how to implement MTB in your business.

-Specific traffic sources can bring your quality victors in 24 hours or less.

-How to get up to 100,000 + targeted visitors per day

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-How to earn up to 900% more money without spending a dime extra

-How to open floodgates of traffic, leads, and sales for your company.

-How to never worry about traffic costs again.

-How to dominate in any company, market, or industry by design.

-How to create confidence and power in your Marketing.

OK, so we used to sell this course for up to $1497. But we wanted to do goodwill in the marketplace for a limited time. You can get access to Mass Traffic Blueprint not for $14197, not for $997, not even $449. 

Our mission is to help people start and grow their dream businesses online. We want to do something special for the community and entrepreneurs like yourself.

Download Master Traffic Blueprint Formula now at no cost if you are someone who wants to master traffic.

Hopefully, you will love it. We would love to welcome you to our community. I cannot wait till you get to see this stuff. See you inside.